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KT’s Bootcamp

This is the latest programme to launch at KT’s Studio and it’s a hell of an exciting one!

Packaged up to give you everything you need to get a lean, fit and awesome (functional) looking body! We’re taken all the thinking off your hands and designed a programme that requires two very simple things from you: You Show Up & You Step it up!

KT’s Bootcamp is a series of High Intensive workouts aimed at giving you a maximum calorie burn. Don’t believe us? You don’t need to. The proof is in your heart rate that will be displayed on the wall, along with the intensity zone you’re working in. This will be your challenge. Your personal challenge as you change those Heart Rate tiles from blue to red and earn MEP Points. And any challenge worth it’s salt knows… points mean prizes. The only difference is this time you’re the prize. Your solid abs. Your functioning core. Your lean, mean, fit-as-a-mo-fo-physique.

KT’s Bootcamp burns maximum calories, tones muscle, maximises fat loss and increases your metabolism, so along with the calories you burn in session, you’ll continue to burn calories even after class is over. Each class is different and structured to ensure you don’t plateau or get bored, you simply achieve total fitness: increased muscle tone and strength, improved flexibility and greater fitness.

Workout Plan

Choose from two or three training sessions per week

Small Grp Training

Train in groups of no more than 8 per session per trainer

Macro Split

Receive a personalised breakdown of your dietary needs including calories and macronutrient breakdown

HR Monitor & App
Receive your HR Chest strap and app worth £130 to track your training result
Intensity Training

Watch your % HR zone increase with intensity and drive yourself further

Track Measurements

Monthly measurements of success: weight, strength, flexibility & body composition

Choose the Days You Train

With 9 sessions a week available, choose the schedule that works for you and your busy life. 

Simple Booking App

Simple app to book, amend and cancel sessions on the go to fit with your busy lifestyle 

Pay monthly

Split the cost of your personal training sessions with monthly payments 


Once a Week
per month

One Sessions per Week (4/month)

Macronutrient Breakdown

My Zone HR Strap £99.00 (one off fee & yours to keep)

Measurements of Success

HR Intensity screen (With HR monitor)

Join Group Challenges

App tracking

Three times a Week
per month

Three Sessions per Week (12/month)

Macronutrient Breakdown

My Zone HR Strap £0 (included on min 3 month sign up)

Measurements of Success

HR Intensity screen (With HR monitor)

Join Group Challenges

App tracking

We’re adding new classes all the time…

See below for current schedule, but we’re thinking of adding these. Please let us know if you’re interested.

We are working adding the following sessions based on demand….
Monday 6.00pm
Tuesday 7pm
Thursday 7.30pm
Friday 9.15am
Saturday 10.15am

Your own HR Monitor & App

Win MEP Points & Challenges

HR Intensity Led Training


Is it suitable for beginners?
No, I'd recommend beginners join my skinny jeans school programme. This programme is for those who have/are attending exercise classes or a gym

I haven't trained for a while though, will I be fit enough?
The sessions are tough, but you work at your own pace. As long as you've exercised before so know something about the exercises, you'll go at your own pace and get fitter along the way

I'm not that fit, how will I compete with a fit person on the HR monitor?
The HR intensity is displayed in % so it's based on you and how hard you are working, like a golf handicap. So you can complete the challenges no matter your fitness

What do I need?
Workout clothes, towel, water bottle, trainers and any medication/inhaler if needed

What's the age range?
We have men and women from 25-60 at the studio, so no age range?

Is it mixed or just for women?
This programme is for men and women, so all are welcome

Is it really competitive?
No! Only with yourself. We have a lovely studio with great clients. It's not intimidating, bitchy or competitive. Only supportive

What if I'm on holiday for a week?
You have flexibility with your sessions so you just need to use your 4, 8 or 12 within that month and there are around 9 sessions a week to choose from

How tailored is it?
These are HIIT sessions aimed to burn fat, build lean muscle and create a sculpted toned look. So if that's what you're after then great. If you want massive muscles, then this isn't the class for you. Same if you're training for a specific event like a triathlon and want a completely bespoke programme. However, the weights, repetitions, time of work:rest can be tailored to you... we're very personal with our personal training

Class Timetable


06:30am - Legs, Butt & Abs

09:15am - Legs, Butt & Abs


06:30am - Core & Cardio

09:15am - Core & Cardio



06:30am - Chest, Back, Arms, Abs

09:15am - Chest, Back, Arms, Abs