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The PT Studio

Set over 2 floors, this 2000sqft dedicated space is perfect to work on your goals without feeling intimidated or watched.

I designed this space to be welcoming, non-intimidating, professional and exactly how personal training should be - personal. Set in a charming old coach house in Boughton just 1 mile from Chester city centre the studio provides a perfect location to those living and working in Chester and surrounding areas. I have one goal for the studio – to be the go-to place in Chester when you want to achieve a health and wellbeing goal – as such I have developed a number of different programmes and packages to suit a variety of needs and budgets to ensure everyone -  including you - can achieve your goal. However, my goal wouldn’t be possible without a winning team and so I’ve recruited some highly qualified and experienced professionals to ensure we can help as many people as possible.

On the personal training team there is myself (KT Chaloner), Sarah Doran, Matt Lancaster and Janine Worthington who are incredible trainers who work hard to get you the results you want. I also have two amazing full-time physiotherapist onboard – Sarah Stewart and Abi Okell – who we all work very closely with to prevent injury and create the right rehabilitation programme for those who are injured. As a team our success is built upon our delivery of results and so far so good. You can read all about our clients success stories here

From the very moment you enter the studio you are made to feel welcome. I pride myself on offering a non-intimidating environment welcoming of new comers whether you are training for an ironman triathlon or a complete beginner who has lost confidence. My studio is based on a set of values that run alongside everything we do:

Our Purpose: To Empower people to feel incredible

  • To be fitter in body and spirit.
  • To be stronger in body and mind.
  • To be healthier in body and life
  • To be happier in body and soul

Our Values

Empowering: We support everyone to gain control of their health and wellbeing now, and for the rest of their life. We help people achieve fitness challenges they never thought they would achieve, whether this is weight loss or climbing a mountain. We believe everyone can be whatever they want to be.

Honest: We provide honest and integral advice, support and instruction. No gimmicks, no nonsense, no fads. Straight talking, upfront support and hard work to help you navigate your way through the billion pound weight loss and supplement market to get results that you can sustain.

Excellence: We use experts in their field to develop and deliver our programmes, so you get the finest advice and most up to date information on how to get fit, stay fitter and achieve more. Every trainer is professional, mature and qualified with a desire to continually improve and constantly update their knowledge.

Personal: Your goal is our goal. We take a personal approach to supporting and developing all individuals who join us. Not everyone is built the same or thinks the same. Challenges are individual and so is the support and advice you get from us.


What’s on offer at the studio

KT Chaloner Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training is the premium of all packages. An all encompassing membership offering a 121 service for clients who want to achieve something special. Along with your 121 studio session you will also receive home workouts, nutritional guidance and plans, food diary analysis and as much support as you need to achieve your goals. Sessions are between 45 – 60mins long and delivered in our Chester based studio by professional and experienced trainers. Set over two floors the studio offers a semi-private and non-intimidating environment for you to start your programme. If you’re new to exercise, nervous, have a big goal or prefer to work on a 121 basis then private personal training is for you. Memberships start from £140/month for one session a week, but you can read more about our packages and prices for personal training here


KT's Bootcamp Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-Private Training with KT's Bootcamp

Semi-Private training is exactly as it suggests. You, along with upto a maximum of 5 others share the studio space and enjoy the atmosphere and cost of group training, but the training is individualised enough so you still get a tailored programme. KT's Bootcamp is like no other offered in Chester as we utilise the MyZone Heart Rate monitoring software to really individualise these group sessions. We can ensure you're exercising in the right zone and therefore, push you when you need it and back off when you don't. This programme is split into workout days separating Legs/But/Abs in one session, Cardio & Core in another and upper body in another. Training two-three times a week with us will gain results through consistency, hard work, a scientifically designed programme and heart rate monitoring.

It isn’t suitable for those who are complete beginners or very inexperienced with exercise and as such we ask everyone to have a 121 session first to asses your needs, movement quality and whether the programme is right for you. Memberships start from £120/month for two session a week or £150/month for three sessions a week, but you can read more about KT's Bootcamp here. 


Skinny Jeans School with KT Chaloner

Skinny Jeans School

Skinny Jeans School has quickly become Chester’s ‘go-to’ programme for those wanting to lose weight. Put very simply this programme works. Based on school methodology the programme is underpinned with education. By educating you about all things exercise and nutrition based you gain the knowledge to take control of your lifestyle and understand how and when to indulge. We don’t count calories, have syns, points or good and bad days. This programme is based solely on the simple truths about eating health and indulging intelligently. It includes group workouts, home workouts, weekly nutrition lessons, 100’s recipes and a schedule elimination and reintroduction phase to find out what foods work for you personally, and which ones don’t. Each term is 8 weeks and we offer two terms plus a graduate programme. This really is the programme for you if you’re sick of dieting or constantly trying to lose weight. Find out more about Chester’s Skinny Jeans School Term dates and prices or how to join our online virtual programme


Pilates Training with KT Chaloner

121 & Aerial Pilates

Our upstairs studio has the perfect ambience for your pilates experience. Whether this is via our group aerial pilates programme, or 121 session on the Matt, Aerial Silk or Reformer. We currently offer small group personal training in aerial pilates on a Tuesday evening at 6pm as part of our PAYG timetable. These classes are great fun and teach you everything you need to know about pilates in the silks from basics to inversion. As someone who holds a Pilates Diploma from Powmax in Windsor I've studied for almost 2 years to complete my Pilates training in small equipment, The Reformer, Wunda Chair, Tower and Bench. Pilates is a great way to lengthen and strengthen either on it's own or as an addition to your HIIT training. 

PAYG Classes at KT Chaloner

PAYG Class Timetable

We offer a small number of PAYG classes on our timetable. We like to keep the ethos of personal training in all we do, so we allow a maximum of 10 people per session. Our timetable has been designed so you can come every night and get something different to keep the body guessing. With the raft of knowledge and equipment to hand our classes are not like those in the local community centre. We're able to incorporate the squat rack, deadlifts, bench press and much more in STRONGFiit. In Aerial Pilates we have 8 beautiful silks to invert in. During our TRXFiit we mix up TRX and kettlebell training. Or perhaps FunctionalFiit is more to your liking where we use the plyobox, kettlebells, sandbags and much much more. If not, Thursdays cardio conditioning utiilises bodyweight and dumbbells - so something for everyone. Even the boys! Wednesday is lads night at the studio and Matt really puts the boys through their paces! (only men allowed on this one!). Check out our PAYG timetable for more information and to book. Sessions start at £7.50/session or £70 for a 10 class pass.