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Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a great place to start your pilates journey, as it teaches you the basics surrounding all pilates principles, but most importantly the principles of breath, alignment and centring, which are key. There are many varieties of pilates classes and you may have tried some. However, not all are the same. There are variations from classical pilates to fitness pilates to pure/romana. At the Pilates Room I set our teaching firmly in the contemporary field and aligned with principles that suit both us and our clients. This means we:

  1. Maintain the eight principles of pilates at our core across all disciplines of pilates - Mat, Reformer and Aerial
  2. Use Joseph Pilates original 34 exercises to create the session, but emphasise adaptions to both regress and progress the original exercise to suit the clients ability
  3. Progress an individual based on both the principles of pilates, but also our own knowledge of movement, biomechanics and more importantly the clients ability and needs

The Types of Classes we offer

Pilates Flow - Pilates flow is perfect for beginners. We utilise the pilates balls, hoops, bands and wedges to help you obtain the correct position and to start your pilates experience with perfect alignment. We focus on correct technique, breathing, core development and lengthening and strengthening. The exercises can be progressed at varying paces for different individuals to ensure you get what YOU need from your session. Pilates Flow is held on Mondays at 6pm and Thursdays at 5.45pm 

Men on Mats - This is a bespoke session for all those men who need to stretch and lengthen their muscles for better movement quality and to decrease injury. Whilst still focussing on improve core and posture, this session pays particular attention to improving flexibility. 

Aerial Pilates - All the goodness of traditional pilates, but with the addition of inversion and suspension in our relaxing silk hammocks. This session is inclusive to everyone, but if you've never exercised before we'd recommend completing some mat pilates sessions before progressing to aerial.

Saturday Stretch - This is precisely what it says on the tin! We take the essence of our mat pilates class and add restoration and stretching to help you ease your mind and feel the previous weeks stresses and strains melt away. It's a perfect way to start the weekend as we work through the pilates poses in a quiet space

Yoga Flow - This is all the goodness of Yoga and the Friday feeling thrown in. You will move through the yoga moves focussing on the breathe for a body and mind workout. In a quiet environment you will lengthen and strengthen the body through the poses. Finishing with restorative meditation and relaxation. 


Our Wellbeing Timetable

Monday 6pm Pilates Flow

Tuesday 6pm Aerial Pilates

Thursdays 5.45pm Pilates Flow

Thursday 8.15pm Men on Mats (Men only)

Friday 9.30am Yoga Flow with Becky (included in your pilates membership options)

Saturday 10.15am Pilates Stretch

Membership Options

4 Classes per month is £30 paid on the 1st of each month through our secure database

8 Classes per month is £50 paid on the 1st of each month through our secure database

PAYG option available where space permits at £7.50 per session, but will cease as classes become full

If you're ready to join our Pilates or Yoga classes then lets get you started. To take out one of our monthly membership that gives you flexible access to all the pilates classes email kt@ktchaloner.co.uk. Alternatively, you can attend PAYG. Either way booking is essential and all bookings, payments, amends and cancellations are easily managed via our app. Download our mind body app here. Once registered, search KT Chaloner and my schedule of classes. Then simply book yourself on! New members get their first session free, so give it a try! 

The Scissors

The Push Up


The Open Leg Rocker

The Bicycle

The Mermaid

The Single Leg Stretch

The Neck Pull

Neck Pull

The Jack Knife