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Pilates & Yoga Training

If you're looking to undertake a programme in Pilates or Yoga then look no further. Together with Becky Bertram I have created a wellbeing experience like no other in Chester. At my main studio on Filkins Lane we offer 121 training in Reformer Pilates and Yoga plus classes in Mat Pilates, Aerial Pilates and Yoga. My studio is perfect for the discipline of feeling good. It is a bespoke space dedicated solely to personal training and small group classes providing you with somewhere quiet, professional and dedicated to all principles of Pilates & Yoga wellbeing. Having studied for a Pilates Diploma with Powmak Pilates in Windsor my training is never ending and neither is the training of my instructors. Our aim is to become THE studio for your wellbeing needs and to become a place of excellence, especially in the discipline of Pilates and the fabulous equipment such as reformer, wunda chair and Tower, which take this discipline to the next level.

Pilates with KT Chaloner

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact body conditioning routine that specifically focuses on strengthening your deep stabilising muscles "the core" – that means the lower back, deep abdominal and pelvic floor. When taught correctly by qualified trainers, Pilates can help to improve balance, muscle-strength, flexibility, joint mobility and posture, and can act to relieve stress and tension.
Pilates was created in the early 1890s by German-born Joseph Pilates. It incorporates elements of yoga, gymnastics, self-defence and dance. Today Pilates is widely recognised by the medical and sporting world as a means to facilitate and maximise health and fitness.  Whether the Pilates exercises are performed on the Mats, with small equipment such as bands and balls or on our specialised equipment such as a reformer or wunda chair the concept remains the same; - you engage your core muscles at a low level and maintain good body alignment, whilst performing any sequence of Pilates exercises. The quality of movement is valued over quantity of repetitions and proper breathing is essential in helping you execute movements with maximum power and efficiency.


Should you join us for Pilates?

Do you have back or neck pain? Spend hours at a desk? Recovering from an injury? Want to focus on your wellbeing during pregnancy? Include Pilates as part of an intense fitness or training regime? Or simply want to bring your body back to its natural symmetry so you function with more strength, control and awareness? If so, then Pilates is for you.
You will benefit from improved core strength, mobility and lengthened muscles that have a greater range of movement. You will see improvements in your posture and feel less pain and niggles from 'everyday' bad postural habits. You will feel more agile with improved strength and body awareness and overall you will benefit from having a body that is working at its optimal level and biomechanically correct.


What's the difference between Mat, Reformer and Aerial Pilates?

All three disciplines are delivered with the eight pilates principles at their foundation: Concentration, Centering, Control, Precision, Breathing, Alignment, Flow and Integration, as designed by Joseph Pilates. Mat Pilates acts as a great starting point for those new to the discipline of Pilates, as it allows you to really focus on how your body moves. You can concentrate on isolating the deep stabilising muscles (your core) to move your body into the various positions with only body weight for resistance. This is a great starting point before moving onto the reformer. The reformer uses pulleys as a form of resistance, so without the foundation of Mat some people find they use global muscles such as their gluteals to move rather than their deep stabilising muscles. However, once you've mastered the basics of Mat Pilates, the reformer is absolutely fabulous for taking your experience further. It offers fantastic resistance and range of moments that can't be achieved in Mat. Aerial Pilates is different again, as it expands into adding two further principles of inversion and suspension. Our aerial pilates has an acrobatic feel about it, so therefore, mixes both pilates and acrobatics together. These sessions are suitable for all including those with no pilates background and add a little fun to your day!


Pilates Class Memberships

If you're ready to join our Pilates or Yoga classes then lets get you started. To take out one of our monthly membership that gives you flexible access to all the pilates & Yoga classes email kt@ktchaloner.co.uk. Alternatively, you can attend PAYG. Either way booking is essential and all bookings, payments, amends and cancellations are easily managed via our app. Download our mind body app here. Once registered, search KT Chaloner and my schedule of classes. Then simply book yourself on!


Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a fantastic starting point for those new to Pilates and wanting to benefit from all that pilates has to offer. From the very first session you will be working towards improving your posture, developing strength in your deep stabilising muscles (core) and greater flexibility and mobility of your joints.


Reformer Pilates with KT Chaloner

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is excellent for both those with experience of Mat Pilates or those who have no experience of pilates at all. The reformer is such a versatile piece of equipment with unbelievable effectiveness. Perfect for those with injury restrictions and excellent at developing advanced strength and flexibility

Aerial Pilates with Kt Chaloner

Aerial Pilates

Aerial pilates brings a whole new to twist to pilates. It literally turns it on its head as you learn to invert with the support of suspended silks. Following many of the principles of pure pilates such as breathing, control and flow; aerial pilates adds a new dimensions. You will develop great strength and balance, plus a new relationship with your body as you manoeuvre it and hang upside down.

Yoga personal training with KT Chaloner in Chester

Yoga Training

Yoga is a great discipline for training both the body and mind, as it teaches you to become grounded and centred on yourself. For one hour you'll not only focus on the physical twists and turns and bends of the session, but also on inner awareness to unfold the potentials of the mind and body working as one. 


Pilates & Yoga Price List

Reformer Pilates
Only available as 121 session
Available with KT Chaloner
Clinical Reformer Pilates available with our Physio
Mat Pilates
Only available as 121 session
Available with KT Chaloner
Clinical 121 Matt Pilates available with our Physio
Clinical Mat Pilates classes available with our Physio
Available as 121 with Becky
Yoga Classes
Friday 9.30am
Booking Essential