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Rebecca Bertram

Rebecca Bertram Yoga Instructor

Becky first tried yoga in her early 20’s and remembers being shocked at how stiff her body felt, (after only a few years sitting at a computer every day!); she immediately realised how good yoga could be for her.  Becky has always enjoyed sport; from gymnastics and dancing, through to netball, hockey, running, hiking, swimming, windsurfing and sailing! Phew!!!! Sport was, and still is, a simple enjoyment for Becky rather than a competition and hence maybe why yoga appealed.

Through her twenties she practiced yoga on and off until her first pregnancy, when she was totally put off her practice as it induced sickness every time she took her head below her heart! After her second child was born she started to explore yoga again, practicing with a local lady called Seema who had grown up demonstrating yoga asana to visitors in an ashram in India.  Becky also started to try yoga from various more well-known yogis such as Shiva Rea. However, it was only when Seema returned to India that Becky decided to deepen her practice and train professionally in yoga herself.

Becky trained with a respected company called Yogacampus who focus on the roots of yoga and its traditional teachings.  This teaching opened Becky’s eyes to the real meaning and potential of yoga, beyond the physical shapes that are so common on our social media feeds today. Becky continues to learn, read and practice yoga, but her interest has widened and changed through her exploration of the work of great teachers: young, old, and deceased.  Her interest now focuses on freeing the body and mind to reach its optimum state; rather than on the philosophy of traditional yoga.

Becky does not want to be tied down to one organisation or yoga lineage, but explores different teachers including those of bodywork, freestyle movement and yoga for different ages, which makes her perfect for our studio. Her exploration so far has highlighted the use of gravity, breath, and self-awareness as the most important tools we each have to awaken the spine and find freedom in the body.

Becky continues to explore daily and learns from self-practice, books, the web, and professional development  workshops. Her classes are creative, always developing, and reflective of her learning’s each and every day, so definitely come down and meet her. You won’t regret and it and you’ll leave feeling very zen indeed.


Certified Yoga Alliance teacher for Children and Adults
Teacher Training 200hr with Yogacampus – Hebden Bridge
Teenyoga with Charlotta Mauritius
Yoga4Sport with YogaAnatomy
Yoga Philosophy for Healing with Yogacampus