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Sessions by appointment only Monday - Friday 0700-2100

Class Timetable

Along with private and small group training we offer a small class timetable taught by myself and my personal training team. Although they are ‘classes’ they are not like the classes you’ll be used to! As they are delivered by either myself, Sarah, Matt or Melody and restricted to only 8-12 per class you are guaranteed to still get that personal feel. We know your name. We know your capabilities, and we know your limitations/injuries. Therefore, we can provide you with the right weights, adaptations and options so you still get a tailored session. We have a range of classes and membership from SJS Graduate membership to PAYG sessions to membership at our Pilates Room. The choice is yours.. 

Mind Body Connect

To keep booking, paying and cancelling your sessions really simple we use the Mind Body Connect App. You can You can download the app here. Once you’ve registered with a username and password and uploaded your card details you’re almost ready to book. Search for business [KT Chaloner] and add me to your favourites. Now you can view the schedule of classes and get booking! Or alternatively, you can book direct through the site and timetable below. As we have various types of membership, you won’t be able to book on everything, so I’ve detailed this below.

Pilates & Yoga - Open to those on a Wellbeing Membership and PAYG clients

Skinny Jeans School Graduate - only available to SJS Graduates

Booty Bootcamp, Circuits, Boys Circuits & Men on Mats - PAYG available

Skinny Jeans School Graduate Membership

These sessions are only available to you if you are currently on a personal training membership or have graduated from skinny jeans school (post term 2). With your SJS Graduate membership you can attend one, two or three classes a week with the team for only an extra £30, £50 or £75/month respectively. That’s as little as £6.25/session. This payment is added to your membership direct debit and booking is via our app making the process simple. You have complete flexibility when you use your sessions, as long as they are used in the same month of payment. Simple! Sessions are paid for and open to booking from the 1st of each month. All we ask if you cancel yourself off your session if you know you can’t attend. This free’s your space up for another person. You can download the app here. You can see which classes are included in your membership below.

PAYG Classes

Because we like to keep that personal training vibe to our classes there are limited PAYG options available, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any! You can enjoy some of our circuit training sessions and ALL of our pilates & sessions (for a limited time only)

The Wellbeing Timetable

If you’re wanting to attend our new Pilates & Yoga Classes you can do so (for a limited time only) on a PAYG basis (£7.50/class) or by joining our monthly membership.  Whatever option you choose booking is still essential, as we will be limiting the numbers to 11 per class. All bookings, PAYG payments and cancellations can be done via the app. So get downloading! You can download the app here. If you could prefer to take out a monthly pilates membership you can do so by contacting me direct on kt@ktchaloner.co.uk. Monthly membership is £30/4 sessions a month or £50 for 8 sessions per month and members get priority booking at the start of each month.