Cinnamon Apple Porridge

On a cold day there’s nothing better than a bowl of steaming porridge and with added spice, sweetness and crunch! Oats are full of soluble fibre for healthy digestion and the slow release of energy should set you up for the day ahead until snack time.

50g of whole porridge oats
300ml of water or use half water and half milk (try Almond milk)
1 apple, cored and diced
2 tbsp of maple syrup
1 tsp ground cinnamon plus 1/2 to sprinkle on top
1 tbsp sunflower seeds or chopped nuts (almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts)

Cooking instructions
1. Place the oats and water (and milk) in a pan along with the apple, maple syrup and tsp of cinnamon. Bring to the boil, then gently simmer, stirring until the porridge thickens and the oats soften
2. Pour into a bowl and sprinkle seeds, nuts and a tsp of cinnamon over the top and serve