Chicken Passata Slow Cooker Style

Chicken Passata Slow Cooker Style

If I’ve raved about this dish once, I’ve raved about it non-stop! The slow cooker is without doubt one of my best friends. After a long day personal training sometimes cooking at 8.30pm is not what I want, but with the slow cooker… it’s like having my very own house husband! 

Diced Chicken
Baby Beetroot
Passata or tinned Tomatoes
Large Butterbeans
Black Pepper
Sweet Potato

Cooking Instructions

  1. Brown off the diced chicken and place in the slow cooker
  2. Add the baby beetroot, peeled shallots, large (drained) butterbeans
  3. sprinkle generously with Thyme and black pepper
  4. Add diced sweet potato and stir
  5. Add the Passata or tinned tomatoes and give it a good stir
  6. Turn the slow cooker of for 4 hours high or 7-8 hours low

When you get home, put your feet up and let your house husband serve you dinner!